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Shopping in Beijing, China

China, besides the Great Wall, this country is famous for its awesome gadgets and other electronic goods, though, these are not the only items China has to offer. Its cultural heritage as well as history of barters and trades makes it the idyllic place to acquire crafts, arts, and other similar goods. I mean, items one can purchase for oneself, for friends, and for relatives range from food, clothes, antiques, and everything in between. One can find almost everything here.

Beijing, the capital of China, not to mention its commercial hub, is the best place to begin shopping. Its extravagant markets spread out all over Beijing, and have a lot to offer to everyone. In here, one can shop for goods like painted fans, painted masks, handmade dolls, traditional clothing, and similar bits and pieces.
Wangfujing Street is one of the finest markets if one is inclined to purchase branded jewelries, clothes, and the like.

This particular street has some of the oldest and premium shops in Beijing. In Maliandao, the biggest tea market in the city, is a must visit for tea-aficionados. Here one can sample a wide, very wide, variety of tea from all-over China. But if you do not want to shell out a few bucks, the aroma of the fresh tea leaves will be worth the trip and is something worth experiencing.

Another item which people rarely connect with China is silk. Though this is doubtful, because I have watched a few old Chinese movies and they did display the wonderfully woven silk robe and other garments made from the same material. One can find all sorts of silk-made products in Xiushui Street or the aptly called the Silk Street.

Neiliansheng shoe shop, one of the most renowned olden street shops in the city of Beijing, offers a variety of cloth shoes. These shoes are like snowflakes, they have a unique and distinct pattern and design. A particular shop, Majuyuan, is famous for its hats, not to mention its silk shoes that are skillfully crafted for the royal family.

A visit to China, well, to any foreign land, would not be complete without a visit to a local shop offering souvenir items. Personally, the best souvenirs one can bring home from a trip in Bangkok are the famed Chinese fans. One can locate these wonderful hand-made crafts in Liulichang Street, which, as I was told, translates to Glass Street. This is also well-known for its jewelries, its Chinese antiques and ornaments.

Nanluoguxiang, which can be found in the South Gong and Drum Lane, as well as Panjiayuan Antique Market are two other places to buy such items. Moreover, one can also score some lovely handmade pottery, books, paintings, and traditional artifacts.

Another item China is known for is its medicinal herbs. These have been used and passed down from generation to generation. If one wishes to find a cure for an ailment, it is good to stop in the Tongrentang Drugstore, which is recognized all over the world for its handmade pills, herbal medicines, etc.

With all of these mentioned, I recommend, for your next visit to China, to explore the winding streets of Beijing. For sure, one will find something worth keeping and worth taking home.

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