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Spring in Japan

Similar to a lot of other countries, Japan, has four different seasons, albeit they have quite a few climatic zones. And as most of the haiku poets would attest to, the seasons are all-important to the locals, and each of these seasons present something exceptional for any visitor.

First stop is SPRING
Spring, like in any country experiencing such season, is warm, though the wind tempers the same. The sweet smelling cherry blossom, Japan’s national flower, a representation of the fleeting nature of life, starts to spread it lovely petals and bloom in the southern part around March and moves like a wave in the north-east direction come April. Plum trees as well as other plants all offer stunning and impressive displays in Spring.

When I went there, one of the major attractions is the flower viewing or what the locals call hanami. And as a tourist, I tend to get lost a lot of the time. But the media was keeping the populace up to date of all the best places to see the elegant cherry blossom flowers.

For me, the transitory quality of the flowers reminds the locals of the fleeting character of life itself. Thus they like to cherish life and celebrate---and when they celebrate, I mean they celebrate. They sing karaoke, they dance, and, of course, they drink. But on a serious note, they also remember the dead by sprinkling blossoms over the gravestones such as the one in Aoyama Bochi located in Tokyo.

The close of spring, or the start of summer, strikes the beginning of the rainy season, which is around June. At this time, the delicate hydrangea blooms change pale lilac, and subsequently, into intense blue. When the rain subsides, the weather becomes humid, well, to my skin, it is not just humid, it is freaking hot through summer, with temperatures rising up to the mid 30 degrees Celsius. And this is not isolated in a particular area. In lot of areas, the weather is somewhat excruciating to the body.

To my experience, and research, the busiest time in Japan, for tourism that is, begins in May. That said, if you are one of those prefer not to be body-bumped and share sweat with the person next to you, then you should avoid this period.

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