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Grand Canyon Shopping

The Grand Canyon Photo, Grand Canyon, Arizona

One thing you can be sure of at the Grand Canyon. That is that you can find plenty of places to spend you vacation dollars. There are about a dozen gift shops located within the park. Here they offer things from under a dollar to several thousands of dollars. They have everything from request souvenirs including post cards, T-Shirts, food stuffs, and toys. They offer up plenty of Native American crafts. There are books, DVD’s, and CD’s. And of course plenty of supplies such as sunscreens, batteries, memory cards, and disposable cameras.

Below are my favorite stores:

Bright Angel gift shop . This was the only place I found that has the squished penny machine in the whole park. They have plenty of supplies for the mule treck and hiking. They have the Fred Harvey history room. Here I picked up a bag of rocks for my nephew. You know the kind where they have the big bin of rocks and you squeeze as many as you can in the bag? Well my nephew loves ‘em so Aunt Sue obliges. I also picked up batteries and post cards. It is small but well worth stopping in.

Kolb Studio . This shop has been around since 1904. The shop is located right at the edge of the rim. It began life as the home, lab, and photography studio of Emery and Ellsworth Kolb. You can still see many of their photographs. Upstairs is a book store and downstairs is a gallery with changing exhibits.

There are some very interesting books here. Everything from books on the Grand Canyon to books on the Native tribes. There is a very nice selection on children’s books. You can also pick up post cards here as well as a few supplies. If you have the NPS passport book, they have both a rubber stamp to memorialize your stay in your NPS book as well as a postage type stamp. I got 2. One for my NPS book and one for my scrapbook. You can also pick up information on adoption the wildlife that resides here.

Yavapai Lodge . This gift shop is located at of course, Yavapai Lodge. This place is huge. They have everything you can think of from beautiful local made crafts to any kind of souvenir you want. They of course have the Grand Canyon on just about kitschy collectible you can think of from thimbles, spoons, shot glasses, playing cards, pen, pins, pencils, and more. I loaded up here with several seed packets, pins and magnets for my own kitschy collection, a T shirt for my hunny, a bottle of hot sauce for my brother, post cards, and an awesome scrapbooking kit.

Lookout Studio we stopped at thus gift shop at first for the views. This one is located over a lookout and there is a telescope to get an even better view of the canyon. You can get some awesome views from here. But they also have a very nice gift shop. We picked up some water and I picked up more batteries, post card, stickers, and I got yet another scrap booking kit as well.

No matter what your vacation souvenir desires, I am sure you can find plenty here to tempt you.


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