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Sedona, AZ

Simply charming Photo, Sedona, Arizona

After hitting Montezuma’s Castle, we were headed to Williams to take the train to the Grand Canyon. Before our last stop of the day, we took a detour into Sedona to take a ride with the Pink Jeep Tour Company.

The drive in here is nothing less than spectacular. This is red rock country. These sandstones come in brilliant colors from reds, to rust, to orange. These ranges have names such as Snoopy, Cathedral Rock, Cow Pies, and Rabbit Ears. There are about 11,000 people that call this charming city home. It is located in the Upper Sonora Dessert in Northern Arizonian. These formations began around about the Permian period.

Our bus pulls up and since there are 51 one of us and 4 group leaders, we are divided into 2 groups. One group gets to shop and walk around while the other takes the jeep tours, and then vise versa. The group Pam and I are in are going to be enjoying this city first.

We are dropped off in the center of town in a very cute little shopping area. Pam and I gingerly just window shop. We pass by boutiques full of local made crafts and clothing. One widow in particular catches my attention. It is full of pottery colored with these amazing and brilliant colors. We pass by a number of restaurants, trying to decide on what we will be having for lunch. This place is full of stunning statues including a collection of Javelinos on Parade. This cute creatures that look like little piggies and like many cities, there are statues all over the place. The whole time here, it is hard to take you eyes off the red rocks that surround this place. The views are candy for the eyes.

After wondering and wowing, we make our decisions on eating and shopping before heading to the Pink Jeep Tour offices. We had dinner at the Open Range Grill which fixes up some mighty good grub and the views; they are just an added delight. Afterwards we stopped by the 3 Dog Bakery and The Original Dirt Shirt Company for gifts for family back home. Then we met up with others from our group and headed to the tour office. Along the way we ogle the scenery, snap up photo after photo, stop to pet a horsie, and do more window shopping. Then we end up at our final destination, The Pink Jeep Tour office. And soon enough we were loaded up in our pink jeep and Tomas takes us out for one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I will have a separate review on that in another journal.

This place is not to be missed. Should you find your self in the area, stop and stay a while. This place is a destination it’s self. It is truly a place to just stop and relaxing a spend time before heading out. It is a place for shoppers, artist, and outdoor enthusiasts. Or for those who want to just sit, relax, and take in the views. Your eyes will thank you.


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