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Spending Half A Day In Florence

Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens

The Palazzio Pitti is a 15th century palace constructed for Luca Pitti. Though around the mid-16th century the prominent Medici family acquired said property. And their influence can be visibly seen throughout the interior apartments. Now, upon entering the Palazzio, you have to decide where to go first. Why? Because the Palace is home to no fewer than six museums. Indeed, it can take a full day to tour the Palazzio alone, more so if you have the Boboli Garden in your itinerary for the day.

If you have more time, you may opt to visit the Silver Museum. (Trust me, it offers more than mere silver). If you like paintings, then head to the Gallery of Modern Art. Though one might be confused because the pieces in the said section were created from 1700 until the early 1900. The other sections are the Pallatine Gallery, Porcelain Museum, Costume Gallery, and Carriages Museum. As for the Boboli Gardens, this is a class on their own and hours can be spent just by strolling along the paved walk and arched floras.

Venice and Its Architecture:

The Duomo or the Cathedral. This stands at the center of Florence. But more interesting than that is the work of art that is kept inside the walls of the Cathedral Museum. I’m talking about the Pieta by Michelangelo. Some people were even convinced that the sheer magnificence of the Pieta trumps David. (Dare I say, i agree with them). The original Baptistry doors are in said museum as well.

The Baptistry. In here, you don’t go to see what lies behind the doors---the doors, or the intricate bronze doors to be exact, are the main attraction in the Baptistry.

Giotto's Bell Tower. This is one of the most identifiable of Florence’s many architectural treasures. The construction began around the 14th century. Unfortunately, the man who started it all, Giotto, did not live to see it completed. But such landmark is still as beautiful and essential today as it was many hundred years ago. Props need to be given to Andrea Pisano, he was the one who continued where Giotto left off. The climb to the top may be long (and may be claustrophobic for some) but it is worth it. How long will be the climb? Around 414 steps.

Ponte Vecchio. This is an old bridge (thus the Italian name) that crosses the Arno River. Of course you want to walk across it, right? Who doesn’t? The bragging right is reason enough to walk across the bridge. And while you are at it, you may want to purchase souvenirs from the merchants that parallel the inside of the bridge (obviously).


If your budget allows you, do some shopping. Florence is famous for its jewelries, leather, and world-renowned designers. You don’t want to go home empty handed, but I’m sure you don’t want to go home empty pocketed as well. My personal suggestion, walk. You can find good deals on the side streets a few miles off the primary tourist areas.


Eat your lunch at round the 12 noon to 1 PM time frame. Almost every establishment except for restaurants are closed. Florence will likely satisfy your gastronomic desires. Though the prices might trigger you appetite to retreat. However, there is a way to fill your stomach without burning a hole in your pocket. How? Walk. Yes, like the advice given when shopping in Florence, once you have distanced yourself from the main tourist areas, you are good to go. So walk and wander around. Then buy your lunch.

To enjoy Florence in one day will certainly be exhausting, though it will be a day like no other on your vacation.

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