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Quick Stop in Singapore Part 1

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With only one night in Singapore, we knew that maximizing our time was going to be key. We also determined quickly that there wasn't any way that we would be able to see everything we wanted to, or even close. We got a shuttle from the airport directly to our hotel (it seems like most hotels are covered by these shuttles, for a nominal fee.) Once there we checked in, which is a story for another day, then we headed out in search of some of the good food we heard was everywhere in Singapore.

As luck would have it, we stumbled on one of the many food courts that the hawkers have been moved into. There were so many choices here that it was almost impossible to choose. We eventually settled on Indian and got some mild, flavorful curry and some savory pastry. The only seats that we could find were in front of a beverage stand, so we decided to get something to drink (not a hard decision as the heat was pretty intense). We opted for the green beverage in the large container in front instead of any of the canned options, because as far as I know, I'm only in Singapore once and I might as well drink the mystery green beverage. It turned out to be sugar cane juice. Which was right up my alley, monster sugar tooth and all. Others might feel differently as it was VERY sweet.

After this brief stop we were off again towards Arab Street. It turned out to be a highlight of our time in Singapore. Arab Street is full of merchants looking to custom tailor you a suit or sell you beautiful silks. It is also a lovely interesting place with colorful, colonial buildings. We purchased some pretty silk scarves as souvenirs at about $3US apeice, we considered it a steal. If we had more time, we may have considered the tailors' offers as there rates were quite reasonable and the fabrics were lovely.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around and looking at all the historic sights we could. We took in historic churches and mosques. We also made it to Merlion Park to take a look at the Merlion. We weren't sure what we were looking at at first but the number of tourists around convinced us that this was a sight worthy of pictures. We had a laugh later when we looked it up in the guidebook and discovered that it was the mascot of Singapore. Next time we'll try to do more research before arrival.

We arrived in Singapore after touring Malaysia and the level of cleanliness an order is borderline ridiculous. It reminded me most of a Disney park, where men in white suits run around all day making sure that everything is as clean and orderly as possible, so the "magic" isn't ruined. It seemed as though a lot of the charms of southeast Asia had been sanitized out. Though if you don't want to deal with any unpleasantries (or at least any more than the normal human condition requires) this might be the destination for you.

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