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Hit that Jeep!

hit that jeep Photo, Angeles City, Philippines

It was the small planes' turn to be a star sometime before lunch. There were several colorful single-seater planes that streaked in the air, breaking the light blue sky. Many of the planes come from different countries.

The gang and I were a distance away from the air field so I was wondering why the planes were just doing the same thing over and over. From my perspective I can see them following each other traveling the same path. In other words, they seemed to be just flying like a normal single seater plane which I did not think was the reason why some of the audience were cheering.

Curious about why the people seem to be transfixed at the airfield, we came nearer. Finally, I discovered what the fuss was about -- the planes were trying to water bomb a moving Pajero! So that's why. I watched as one plane after another tried to hit the vehicle. The water bomb was all over the place, except the Pajero. The most I was able to witness was a close shave of about a couple of feet from the jeep.

While the planes failed to hit their target, I still commend them for putting on an enjoyable show. I don't think it would be easy to hit a moving target when you are moving yourself. I do suggest, that to add to the excitement, maybe they could start with trying to hit a steady object first. At least that could put to light whether the pilots are really just bad shots or the difficulty is really with the moving object.

Nonetheless, I had a great time watching six to seven planes attempt to be the first one successful in hitting the vehicle. No one may have succeeded but people were still entertained. It was a good addition to the "everything that flies" them of the hot air balloon festival.

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