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From Kenya to Egypt

Kenyan Air Photo, Egypt, Africa

Kenya Air
We took Kenya Air to Cairo.Our flight was comfortable and on schedule. We are so accustomed to delays here in North America, we’re amazed that all the flights we took throughout Africa have been on or near schedule.
The security wasn’t nearly as strict as other parts of the world, which may not be a plus. We were permitted to carry on our back backs which were a little too heavy , we were pleased as we heard luggage is sometimes opened and valuables often robbed in Nairobi .
The plane was a bit shabby but the service was friendly and they served two pretty good meals on our 5 hour trip.
We were surprised that we had a stop in Sudan on the way, we didn’t realize there was a stop. Not sure if it’s a country we’ll ever visit so at least we saw the airport.
Booking our tickets online from Canada was impossible however as it wouldn’t accept our credit card . We had our agent in Tanzania buy the tickets for us which worked out well . The tickets were about $80.00 cheaper than the prices offered online so that was a plus.

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