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St, Barthelemy/St. Barts

A Local's car Photo, St. Barthelemy, Caribbean

If you can can afford to stay here, go for it! Although rent a car! Nothing is really close by, everything is spread out, but very beautiful! (What can I say, I love the islands!) Bring your extra large wallet w/ur extra large credit limit, credit cards, because everything costs plenty! I think a small box of band aides cost $8.00 USD! Swimsuits for the ladies, try @ least $200.00 USD! Very Posh! The air strip here is quite comical/cute! Must b scary though to be on the plane...landing/taking off! As the air strip is just below this large drop off! I understand (heard it from a pilot's mouth) they have to have a "special" license to fly n/out of this air strip! No joke! But it's definitely a place worth visiting, however u get here! I got here via ferry from St. Maarten. Nice ride, served drinks, pleasant! I would highly recommend this place for couples! Or families without a spending limit! (Those kids will cost u a fortune...when they eat, drink, play, etc!....I know…I've got 3.) Well have fun!

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