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Saturday Morning in Ft. Worth

Downtown Ft. Worth Photo, Fort Worth, Texas

On my last day in town, I had a breakfast meeting at the Hilton Hotel. The Hilton is the other "anchor" hotel to their convention center, located at the far end, approximately four blocks from the Omni Hotel.

It was a lovely morning with clear skies but with a noted crispness. I enjoyed my early morning walk, amazed to see lots of other people out and about at 7:00am. I was greeted by a most friendly man, seemingly knowing exactly why I was there and where I needed to go for my meeting.

Hosted by one of the national vendors that my association utilizes, our breakfast was a scrumptious plated affair. I really expected that we'd have the typical hotel meeting continental "breakfast". I was very impressed with the effort extended with the nice eggs, sausage, breakfast potatoes and bread basket. With orange juice, coffee and hot tea to drink, it really was a very nice meal.

With the business of the morning behind me, time to get out and enjoy the stroll over to the convention center for a couple of educational seminars being conducted by US Youth Soccer. As I exited the Hilton Hotel, there were people lining both sides of Main Street and dozens of runners in the street. I asked someone nearby what was going on and was told it was the annual Cowtown Marathon race. In researching the event a bit on the internet, I learned that the event was actually a series of running races including a full marathon, half marathon, and a 5K & 10K; the main goal being to get people up, out and moving.

There were people running, folks walking with their dogs, adults and kids. It was quite the festive atmosphere with street vendors selling warm beverages and bar-b-que. YES bar-b-que at 9:00 in the morning! At the end of Main Street where the convention center is located, there was a band playing southern country rockabilly. The Uncle Billy Roach Band was blasting Main Street alright.

The city was alive and humming with people. I got a great feel for the community and her people through just this one experience. Ft. Worth is a pretty city . . . a clean city and one that I felt safe in even when out and about after dark. Molly the Trolley was a nice feature, providing free transportation throughout this area of one-way streets. If you have a car, leave it parked and take the trolley, keeping in mind that it only runs until 10pm nightly.

For more information on the Cowtown Marathon and related events, check them out at:

Even Molly the Trolley has her own website too:

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