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Driving in the Rain

Surfing at Wiamea Photo, Kauai, Hawaii

One thing you always expect to see in Hawaii, regardless of the island you are on, is rain. In our previous trips (in August and then again in March) it usually comes in miss and hit showers that are short lived and easy to live with. This time it was a little more intense with it raining a little more frequently than we were used to, and remaining cloudy pretty much all day long on three of the days we stayed.

The locals will tell you that if it's wet on your side of the island, head for the other side because it is probably dry. For the most part this is true. When it rained in Princeville the first two days we were there, we headed south to Lihue, but evidently that wasn't far enough. Not to be deterred from a good time, we stopped at the Kilohana Plantation in Lihue for some shop browsing and Rum Tasting at Koloa Rum. Then ran through town out to Poipu and just explored.

Then a couple of days later it rained again so we decided to head southwest and took off for Waimea. That was the ticket! The clouds were still there, but the rain was not, and due to great timing we got there shortly after the high school got out. This turned out to be a great time for us as all of the high school students headed to the beach to surf and boogie board. Let me tell you - these guys and gals are GOOD! Imagine 20 to 30 surfers and boogie boarders out in the surf cutting it up! We were entertained for a couple of hours, got some great pics, and when we left we had missed all the traffic back to Princeville.

Another little tidbit we learned about driving in the rain in Hawaii that may be of some interest. We always rent a convertable when we go to Hawaii because we love the open air and the views. If you're driving in a convertable and it starts to rain - you stay high and dry! I've got a great video of the countryside on the north shore being shot from the car, with the top down - with the rain coming down. It was awesome! The downside, when you stop the fun is all over.

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