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There's a Man in the Closet!!!

John and I on Silba Photo, Split, Croatia

This is a story from our travels that always gets laughs and people seem to love it!

John and I (Visnja) get into Split late, mid summer, around 12 at night, and an old local lady, waiting on the stone wall, meets us at the boat and takes us to her apartment in Split in town. We walk a long way too, to get there, dragging our bags over the cobblestones...we had been visiting my aunt in Pula, Istria and took the boat down from there along the Adriatic. We had stopped on Hvar too. We were exhausted. So she puts us into a room with only a bed in it and we go to sleep, it's hot as hell.
In the morning, we are startled to suddenly see a man somewhere in his early 60's standing over us looking down at us saying "in Croatia, it's time to get up, it's 7 AM" in Croatian. John had locked the door to the room when we went to bed and had put the key in his pant pocket. The man then said he slept in the "closet", and he couldn't get out because the door was locked. He was dressed for work it seemed. We were completely naked, under only a sheet and shocked to say the least. John unlocked the door and he quickly exited. Then we peeked in the "closet" and it was really a very small room, almost as small as a closet but it appeared to have no exit with some sheets on the floor, a small mattress too. And then we packed as fast as we could while the old lady apologized profusely and I swore at her in Croatian as we rolled out of there.
In retrospect we think he was a dirty old man and a peeping Tom too! We call him Uncle Fester now when we remember the story! Watch out and always look in the closet!!!!! LOL

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