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A Tragic but Comical Gravestone from Cross Kirk Graveyard

Gravestone from Shetland Photo, Shetland Islands, Scotland

One day on Shetland we went hiking at Eshaness, afterwards we stopped at a graveyard and wandered around, looking at the inscriptions. Suddenly two off the company burst out laughing. Now wonder, as the tombstone had the inscription: Donald Robertson, born 4 January 1783. Died June 1842. Aged 63 years. He was a peaceable quiet man, and, to all appearance, a sincere Christian; his death was caused by the stupidity of Laurance Tulloch in Clothister who sold him nitre instead of Epsom Salts, by which he was killed in the space of 3 hours after taking a dose of it.

Rumors say Tulloch moved away after the incident :-)

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