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Crossing the Western Desert to the Red Sea

Living Life in the Old Way Photo, Egypt, Africa

Driving Across the Western Desert to the Red Sea
We start our trip by driving along the Nile through little towns and content ourselves watching life along the Nile. We see people carrying supplies with donkey carts and washing their clothes in the river. They lead very simple lives in much the same as did their ancestors.

It seems there are checks points every 10 minutes. It is a bit unnerving .Adding to our concern is the fact that our driver pulled over and a man unknown to us jumped in. Neither spoke English so we didn’t know what this surprise traveler was about and we hope all was well. Up until six months ago cars had to leave at scheduled times as part of a caravan . I think I would have preferred this.
Eventually we find ourselves in the desert. This continues for two out of the three hours of our trip. We’re excited at first ,having never experienced the desert before. Our excitement soon turns to boredom however as there is little change in scenery.
I plan to research why there is so much security in this area. For us it was an uneventful if somewhat boring trip.

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