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Out Trip to Luxor Town

El Souk Photo, Luxor, Egypt

Our trip to Luxor Town
We arranged our transportation from the ship and for 60 EL ( $12.00) return we take a trip to town. Our primary interest is to visit the Souk ( market) but the city is pretty interesting in itself.
We see the White Palace a pretty impresive place to stay where you would feel like royality. There are touches of the western world here with both MacDonalds’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken on the main street. You can’t enter Luxor without seeing Karnak Temple , the city seems to be built around it.
Luxor is so very old ,with many old dusty homes and shops built along lanes that are really just alleys.
I’m a sucker for old market places , so I was happy to arrive at the Souk. Souk Street runs parallel to Karnak Temple Street with its entrance close to the side of Luxor Temple. Here the bargaining is fierce and no rules apply. A scarf that will sell for 15 or 20 EL is offered for 220EL. It is outrageous and not for the shy or timid. With that aside however it’s a fun place to spend an afternoon.
We were shopping for a silver medallion and couldn’t seem to find one we liked. We evenutally accepted an offer to go to a small place where the locals go, with a shop clerk . This is breaking all the rules in the "safe travel for Tourists Handbook" but we were cautious. It turned out to be a backshop in a nearby narrow alley. They were actually making jewellery there and we came away with exactly what we wanted at a very good price.
Our time passed so quickly here. We came away with lots of scarves, jewellery and traditional Egyptian garmets.

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