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Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Many steps Photo, Luxor, Egypt

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
We wake up this morning in Luxor. We’re anxious to get exploring. Some keeners in our group were off the boat before breakfast and tell us there is a coffee shop nearby.

We set out at 7AM . Our destination is the West Bank . Tradionally the west side of the Nile is reserved for the dead. Our first stop is the Temple of the Queen Hatshepsut. To reach the site we drive through a small ancient village strewn with "alabaster factories". This is a clue to our second stop. The temple is massive a huge plaza in front. We really had to push ourselves to cross the wide expanse of the plaza in the scorching heat. Ahead we can see the towering pillars. We climb the many steps to the galley at the top. We see Thebes standing with arms crossed in front. This is a stanch she took to represent power (a man’s pose) Smart lady!!
As a side note, this is where the terrible massacre of innocent tourists occurred on November 17,1997. On that terrible morning armed terrorists disguised as security police greeted tourists. 62 people including children were killed.
Today security is very tight and no one is permitted to enter the Temple.

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