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The Temple of Horus and Life Today in Edfu

Waiting at dawn Photo, Aswan, Egypt

Edfu and the Temple of Horus
Last night we sailed to Edfu and it was really cool this morning to look out the window and see the horse and carriages out front at dawn waiting for the tourists!

Our excursion today is to see the Temple of Horus , the best-preserved Temple in all of Egypt. The hieroglyphics here are so clear they look like they were painted yesterday.
The falcon gods Horus along with his wife Hathor are on the front of the Temple.
The front of the temple is a pylon which makes this huge structure appear even larger. The pylons of the main Temple are about 118 feet high with typical scenes of the pharaoh in battle with his enemies.
We see the the goddess Hathor coming by boat ( laden with gold) to see her husband Horus. Apparently her plan was to stay two weeks and make 14 babies ( pretty ambitious , even for a goddess!!)
We take a good look at the " Nile-o-meter" here. We have seen them in Cairo as well and they are quite impressive. They were used to measure the water level of the Nile . The temples were always built in times of flood. This allowed for ease of construction as well as providing work.

Returning to our ship we relax on deck and watch scenes of everyday life play out before us. We see children playing ball and swimming while men fish. We watch men struggle under a heavy load of water from the river while we sit in our lounge chairs only meters away. Unbelievable!!
One man waves and shouts " Hello! Welcome to Egypt!"
Egyptians have been nothing but welcoming to us throughout our entire trip, despite our different lots in life!!

We cross the lock and sail to Luxor overnight.

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