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Discovering the Magic of theThe Temple of Love

Boat Crew and Venders Meet Us Dockside Photo, Egypt, Africa

Temple of Philae

Located on an island we take a boat over to reach the first temple , known as the Temple of Love ( Temple of Isis).
The trip to the island is part of the magic .

Our boat crew are of the beautiful, dark and exotic Nubian race. Nubians are the people of southern Egypt and northern Sudan,with a history and traditions which can be traced to 3800BC. They have their own language that can be spoken but has no written word.Along the Nile,they developed one of the oldest and greatest civilizations in Africa. Until they lost their last kingdom (Christian Nubia) only five centuries earlier the Nubians remained as the main rivals to Egypt, the other great civilization of North East Africa.

This is the most surreal temple we have seen on the trip. We are lucky to still have this temple as it is one of several that were relocated to higher ground and saved from the floodwaters created by the building of the Aswan Dam in 1906. In the seventies many nations attempted to save the Temple that was almost completely submerged. These countries, together with UNESCO, selected a new island reshaped to imitate Philae Island . The new island was called Egilica (also called Agilika).The project took over 9 years to be accomplished and the Temple of Philae was reopened in 1980!

We notice the high water marks on the temple walls. There is much to see here including lots of well-preserved hieroglyphics and early Christian symbols. During the reign of the Emperor Justinian (527-565 A.D), the main Temple was converted to a church. Our guide points out the defaced symbols of the gods on the temple walls. This was done the early Christians, as they were afraid of the spirits that might exist and be floating around inside the temples.
Its absolutely beautiful and stand proudly looking over Lake Aswan delighting thousands of visitors that arrive daily to take a trip back in time.

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