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Hope for the People. Honduras, Cusuco National Park

Cusuco National Park, Honduras Photo, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Honduras, Central America
A little country that can
and Will.

A little country in the middle of the continent, greatly affected by external factors in which we couldn’t´t interfere. A struggle between few has hit every person living in this land.
Our project to develop hundreds and thousands of kilometers of the north-west mountains of Honduras had to stop, most of the villagers around the area lost hope. Months of preparations, even years of learning, and looking for the best way to make an accelerated development was dump.
Now, one of our primary goal is to recover the trust of all the people we are trying to help. This is our project.

All around Honduras there is an infinity of places to discover, untouched paradises, dream looking islands, plus many more life changing destinies. There is one that has touch the heart of people around the world. Some even call it magical.
Cusuco National Park, on the north west of Honduras. A cloud forest responsible for holding the water supplies to the seconds biggest and most accelerated growing city in the country. Biodiversity levels touches the sky with the purity of the non touch environment of men cruel and vicious hands.

Visited by Operation Wallacea (, honored of being of Opwall few choices in the world. Even with many complications, their determination to help, researching in the branches of etymology, herpetology, birds, small and big mammals, plants, and for me the most important part; The social branch.

Being far away from society, Cusuco National Park has been forgotten by the government. This having a positive and a negative impact at the area. When it was named National Park in 1987, many rules were imposed into the villages in the buffer zone. Limiting people to have development.
Isolation has welcome a saving in the rich culture of this people. Not being touch by the powerful hands of worldwide marketing, a strong way of life keeps the hands of the hard-working villagers. Happy people who believe in hard work, family and religion. Here, there is NO military, No police, and most impressive No delinquency. Life has been saved in this island of the sky by the culture of good-hearted people.

The government forgot about the existence of most of the villages surrounding the national park. Leaving the work of social structure to this people. It’s impressive how people will always rise and help each other in hard conditions. Building their own schools, water system, medical centers, unity watched at its most dense way. Creating their local democratic system, they choose their representatives at each village. Getting together with the rest of their people to discuss matters.

Coffee, being the primary economic sustainability factor in the area ha become an opportunity for this people. Its elevating demand around the world made coffee the center of many of the activities at the villages. Having only one-crop in the year, this 3 to 4 months are the hope of many. Most of the labor and work opportunity is condensed at this months, leaving the rest of the year as a desert for dreams. Leaving no choice to lower their life expectations, costs, and most importantly their basic needs.

Globalization has divided economy in 4 sectors. Agriculture has been into a deep down slope in the last decade. Informatics and services have had the biggest impact in our society world-wide web.

Services like tourism. That’s the Key and for many people and myself the idea that would be the dramatic life changing factor. Looking at it as the big panoramic and long-term goal, it would cure-all the forgotten social aspects and save the environment. Being positive is the only way, and being exaggerated, drastic and taking strong measures.
Our work began with loading the World Wide Web, with information about this dream land. SEO, Search Engine Optimization has been our technique. letting everybody appreciate beauty of the pictures that become instant savings of that moment. Blogs, websites, channels, and more have been our target zones.

Creating logistics for the travelers to go, making the access to this place available. Hundreds and thousands of Lempiras(currency) have been spent by us to buy the cars, websites, equipment, certifications so that some day they will run alone. Be independent from us, grow by themself and have the oportunity of development.
With time the propaganda we have made has increase the income of national tourism to the park. Universities and schools are making their travel place here. It´s advantage will always be the closeness of San Pedro Sula. 15 Minutes departing from the city, you are already looking at astonishing views, being above the sky, above the clouds, the fresh air, and the strong wind blow.

A local guide, earns 120 lempiras a day for a 10+ hour work environment at the coffee farms. That’s about 6 dollars per day. Denigration will always come with a salary this low, being less than half than national minimum salary (Which is also low).

Working with tourism he can earn twice or triple for half a day. Leaving more time for the family. The potential is so big, that wasting it is just sad. Breath taking views are part of their daily life. From most of the corners of the world this place has been visited by foreigners, but few of national tourism has got here.
Tourism has an exponential grow rate that involves many sectors. Food, logging, crafts, services of many kinds, and more. Diversity of activities on this Jurassic environment is the heart of its hopefully investment.

Most of Hondurans don’t know this place exists, hidden as a treasure to be found. Exceptional experiences to come, showing the world there are no boundaries. It is in our genetic structure the thirst of learning about cultures from around the world.

Come to Honduras, Learn about our way of life. You are welcome to be here, your walk around the country, means the life of many people.

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