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Walking in Perth

The River at Perth  Photo, Perth, Scotland

Our second walk in Perth was hardly revolutionary as it involved us taking a couple of miles stroll up the riverbank through the park, and onto the cycle path to Pitlochry. The walk offered us tantalising glimpses of Scone Palace on the other side of the river, and a peaceful walk along the riverbank, where we would watch the birds bathing and catching food in the river.

The first part of the walk took us down from the bridge in the centre of town, and through the playing fields. I marvelled at the folly of youth as the lads from the Rugby Team obviously keen to run off the after effects of the previous night’s Hogmanay celebrations stripped off to their shorts for a practice game in the six inch snow. That I had just been taking pictures of the river reeds and riverbank plants covered in frost and snow made me shiver just a little more violently.

I also liked the modern statue of a Scottish thistle at the entrance to the Park. I like modern sculpture and alas the UK seems to have precious little of it on display.

The first part of the walk was fairly busy, as local families exercised their dogs and children in the park despite the cold and the snow. We had to dodge one cross-country skiing family as they breezed past. Fortunately, as we stepped further from town, the maddening crowds started to fall away.

Here, we started to get a glimpse of the formal park that surrounds Scone Palace. As the sun has started to shine, we enjoyed the blue sky cut against the stark white snow on the ground and on the trees. Here, there are a number of parallel paths which appear to follow abandoned railway tracks. We decided to go for the best view of Scone Palace by taking the riverbank walk. Dotted along are park benches; today covered with snow, but no doubt a welcome sight on a warm day.

I was looking for a shop for perhaps a bar along the edge of the park area, but I didn’t see anything handy. Obviously, the moral from my experience is to prepare any drink or food you might want before you set off.

As we had decided to meet with our wives after a couple of hours, there came a point just after Scone Palace where we had to turn around and come back. While the walk isn’t the most wild or revolutionary thing I’ve ever done, it’s a pleasant and easy way to get some exercise, and impossible for you to get lost.

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