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MFOJ: Moroccan Fresh Orange Juice

Grapefruit slice Photo, Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakesh can get a bit warm during the day, so one can get a bit parched in the throat. You can't really trust tap water in a desert country, can you? So how do you deal with thirst the Moroccan way? Why with fresh orange juice, of course!

Djeema El Fna, the main square in Marrakesh, has fresh orange juice carts all over. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy their Vitamin C overload as they make their way from one part of the square to another.

The carts look more inviting with the oranges lining the counters. It looks attractive and lively and definitely projects well in photos. The juice is served on glasses (yey! environmentally-friendly!), but you may also opt for plastic cups if you prefer to take it to go.

One has to keep a sharp eye on the price of the orange juice though. Our first few nights, we were already rejoicing with our four dirham OJ, only to discover that one of the farther carts only sells it for three dirhams! One of my companions got her first glass for ten dirhams even. Though during Islamic holidays, when most of the carts are closed, those open really do sell it for ten. One may also opt for grapefruit juice which costs for 15 dirhams.

Restaurants also serve fresh orange juice between 10-15 dirhams. It balances well with the strong flavor of the tajine.

So forget the soft drinks and sugared juices in the mean time and take advantage of cheap orange juice of Morocco!

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