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Touchdown, Panthers!

Welcome To Bank of America Stadium Photo, Charlotte, North Carolina

It was a cold day. It was so cold that ice was forming from every breath that I was taking. My hands going numb from the cold air. My feet feeling pain as I kept walking in the cold. All this for the chance to watch my Carolina Panthers play in the great Bank of America Stadium.

If you haven't noticed, my user name for IgoUgo is CarolinaPanthers1983. I have always been Carolina Panthers' fan since the team came to the Carolinas in 1994. I am a die-hard fan that bleeds the Panthers' colors. To be able to visit this stadium as much as possible is a goal that I have every season. Whether my team has a record of 0-16 or 16-0, I try my best to visit this stadium as best I can. I was very fortunate to watch my Panthers play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

First Quarter
Kickoff begins with my Panthers receiving the ball. Matt Moore comes in as quarterback for my Panthers. He throws the ball to different receivers until he gets my team down to the red zone. He hands off to the dominate Jonathan Stewart running in for the first touchdown of the game. The crowds erupts as Jonathan Stewart runs in for this touchdown. If you were a Buccaneer fan that day, you were definitely getting trashed talked by the many hordes of Panthers fans.
Tampa Bay gets the ball only to have it intercepted by the Panthers' hungry defense. Once again, the crowds erupts in excitement as the inceptions happens. My Panthers turn this into a three-point field goal. Score Panthers-10, Bucs- 0 End of first quarter.

Second Quarter
Once this quartered started, Panthers' fan were hungry for more. They were hungry for a victory. The victory was only three quarter to go; however, the Bucs would not go away. They managed to get an interception while making two field goals. Score Panthers-10, Bucs- 6. End of second quarter.

Third Quarter
This quarter involved the Panthers' defense. Panthers' offense managed to get a three-point field goal; however, it would be the defense that would save my team in the quarter. Bucs' quarterback would throw ANOTHER interception. The entire stadium would yell like a 30-feet tidal wave was going to fall on the stadium. Score Panthers- 13, Bucs- 6. End of third quarter.

Fourth Quarter
The final quarter that would determine if my Panthers would win or lose. With the Panthers' defense clamping down on the Bucs' offense, time was getting closer to zero. The Panthers' defense would not lift their feet off the accelorator. Panthers' linebacker Jon Beason would come up with a critical interception. That interception would become another three-point field goal. That field-goal would help seal the game as the Panthers' defense would get another interception from the Bucs' quarterback. Score Panthers- 16, Bucs- 6. End of Game.

It was awesome seeing my team win this game. For me, watching my football team win is heaven to me that I could watch over an over again. The stadium is amazing with an amazing fan base. It is these reasons that I am a proud Panthers' fan.

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