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Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Entrance Photo, Charlotte, North Carolina

I remember when I was a little kid living in Charlotte, NC that I would take school trips to Discovery Place. I remember the weird yet exciting science displays that would allow my imagination to run wild. By coming to this museum, I would learn so much about the science world. From Physics to Biology, this museum had it all for me to enjoy. I would come back to this museum, but this time as an adult with my two daughters.

We're Sorry, But We Are Remodeling-
When we got to the museum, the museum was getting remodeled. Since the museum was getting remodeled, a lot of the museum was closed down. In order to attract people to the museum while remodeling, Discovery Place was giving huge discounts. With these discounts in mind, we decided to get tickets to see the museum but also brought some tickets to see an IMAX movie, which will be talked about later in this story.

Third Floor- Let Your Inner Kid Out-
After we got our tickets, my family decided to go to the third floor of the museum. This was what I like to call "The Kid's Zone". This place had a lot of Physics displays. The area was crowded with many other families, but we managed to check out some of the displays. Displays such as how to build an engine. The one thing my daughter and me wanted to do was to build. We found these toy blocks to build. My daughter and I decided to build the biggest house the museum had ever seen.We kept building and building until my daughter decided to stop building because she wanted to move on to something else. My daughter was running around the museum like a crazy bat from the sky. Playing and running around the museum like she owned the museum herself.

Odyssey's Shipwreck-
The second floor contain the main exhibit for the entire museum. The Odyssey was a deep-sea exploration ship that was used to find to find the SS Republic, a Civil War ear ship, in 2003. Thanks to the technology, the archaeologists were able to not only find the ship itself but many other lost treasures.
The coolest thing about this exhibit was the hurricane tubes. These tubes allow you to experience what it is like to be in a hurricane. If you ever get the opportunity to experience this, do it.

IMAX Movie-
After finishing with the Shipwreck exhibit, we decided to watch our IMAX movie. The movie we decided to watch was Under The Sea. This movie was narrated by Jim Carey. I found that it was very ironic that Jim Carey would do a nature documentary, but I managed to move pass that fact. The IMAX is must when you come to Discovery Place. The screen is all over the theater, so any seat is a good seat. If you decide to watch Under The Sea, be prepared to learn a lot about cuddle fishes. These fishes are the main stars in this movie for some odd reason. I even thought that the movie should be called In the Life of Cuddle Fishes.

In The End-
Once the movie was done, my older daughter started to act badly. Once she started acted like that, it was time for my family to leave the museum. It was sad because even though the museum was being remodeled, there was so much more to see. Oh well, I shall come back another day, with a calmer child.

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