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Palmar del Lago, San Juan


The Ullum area is the newest attraction San Juan has. The dam and artificial lake on the San Juan river has a few campings that are really nice, where oasis have been developed in the wilderness. Palmar del Lago is the nicest of all, and is 28 kilometers, some 18 miles away from the capital.

Tours cost double in San Juan than in other parts of Argentina, like San Martin de los Andes, Bariloche or Cordoba, but there are urban bus services that take you here for a dollar and a half. Tourist agencies seem to prefer to work only for foreigners at higher rates, and they have this tourism due to the Valley of the Moon and Talampaya, two places you should not miss.

A one day tour to Jachal from San Juan costs 200 pesos, and a 4 hour tour to Palmar del Lago and Zonda costs 80 pesos. The bus to Zonda or Palmar del Lago (buses 223 and 229 from the bus station) cost some 4 pesos, or a dollar and a half. I will refer to the cost of other tours when I refer to the Valley of the Moon (Ishigualasto) and Calingasta in separate stories.

Palmar del Lago is a beautiful campsite, with places for camping, campfires, a very low prices restaurant and a very nice swimming pool, as well as a beach on the lake.

Since photos speak more than a thousand words, I expect to upload some of my photos today or tomorrow.

The admission fee is 15 pesos (4 dollars) per person, 30 pesos (8 dollars) per tent and 50 pesos (13 dollars) per mobile home, per day.

If you ever go to San Juan, Argentina in Summer, it is located 180 kilometers (115 miles) north of Mendoza city.

Enjoy the trip.

Robert ´Raymond Ingledew

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