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Graceland: The Heart of Memphis

Elvis Living Room Photo, Memphis, Tennessee

A singer, a movie star, a soldier, a hero, an achiever: All of these words describe Elvis. Whether you never heard his music or you did, Elvis' music accomplished many things that only a few can do. Even today, his music is still played on radios not only in the United States, but around the world. Graceland, Elvis' famous home, is what keep his memory of him as well as music alive. Visited by over on million visitors every year, Graceland attracts people from all different backgrounds from all over the world.

My family and I arrived at Graceland. I had never been to Graceland in my entire life, but I could tell from seeing the place on television that this was a grandeur place. I was very excited to finally get the opportunity to see Graceland. My family and I had to the ticket counter to get our tickets.

Tip: If you are serving in the military, you can get Graceland discounts for you and your family. Thanks Elvis for serving in the military.

After my family and I got our tickets to visit Graceland, we had to wait for our bus to send us across the street to go into Graceland. We were handed headsets and hand-held radio receivers. The headsets and hand-held receivers where great to have because you didn't need a tour guide. The hand-held receivers had a pre-recorded voice that would tell you everything you need to know while going through Graceland. This was great because it allowed me to set my own pace without having a tour guide setting it for me. I like that I could be able to not follow a large crowd and could take my time to witness Elvis' home.
As I was walking through Elvis' home, it felt like I was experiencing Elvis everyday life in his home. From walking through his kitchen to going through his recording home, I learned that Elvis was human just like the rest of us. Just trying to live his life while providing for his family.the best as he could.

Tip: Take your time and take in Graceland. Even if you have never listen to music, Graceland shows not Elvis as an icon but as a regular person.

After we finished our tour of Graceland, I noticed one important thing that Graceland offered. Elvis wanted to helped the people of Memphis that he anything he could to help them. Even today, Elvis is still helping many people in Memphis. Graceland has helped create jobs for people that would have jobs in Memphis.

A rock star, a philanthropist, a husband, a father. Elvis was an American success story that is lived by Graceland. I believe that every American should visit Graceland at least once in their lifetime.

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