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Shopping in Cambridge

MIT Coop Photo, Boston, Massachusetts

I love shopping in Boston and Cambridge is no exception. Especially in the area around Harvard Square, there are some unique and very interested places to poke around in.

54 Church Street

I fell in love with this store as soon as I saw it. It is filled with items from third world countries made by artisans and if you are looking for something different that will make a unique gift this is the perfect place to shop. I bought Kasey a gorgeous silver necklace with pink stones and matching pink earring. As it turned out the artist was in the store and had just placed her work there that day. It was a very nice experience to get to meet her and tell her how much I loved her work. If you can’t get to Cambridge they do have a very nice website and many items are for sale online.

Globe Corner Bookstore
90 Mt Auburn Street

This is my favorite travel bookstore in the world. That is their specialty and they have a great selection of books about almost anywhere in the world you might want to visit. While you will find all the major guides you will also find lots of unexpected things. I Was able to find some of the guides to the counties of England that I usually can only find overseas. Cindy and I spend over an hour in here just browsing around.

23 Church Street

If you are into beads you will be in heaven. There was a class going on when we stopped in and there were a table full of people stringing beads to make a necklace. It was like walking into a bead rainbow, there were beads of every color and many different shapes. I have to say I did stop and look at a couple Murano beads that were selling for almost nothing and wonder if maybe I could put them on my Pandora Bracelet. I opted not too because they aren’t sterling and I really put a beating on my bracelet.

Harvard Coop
1400 Massachusetts’s Ave

This store wasn’t exactly what I expected. It certainly does have everything Harvard that you might possibly want to buy, sweatshirts, lanyards, mugs and travel cups, really the works but it also had a nice selection of chocolate and some great Vera Bradley items. I was surprised at all that they had to offer.

MIT Coop
Kendall Square

Barnes and Noble runs this coop and it has a great selection of books for every member of the family in addition to all the MIT gear you might want. The staff here was great, they helped me find a couple of books for the grand kids and if you have a Barnes and Noble discount card be sure to use it and get your 10% off.

These are just a few of the places I like to shop when I am in Cambridge. There are many more. There is nothing quite like enjoy a historic college town and doing some Christmas shopping at the same time.

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