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Isle of Wight Zoo Photo, Isle of Wight, England

I've already written about the seven wonders of the Isle of Wight, but there are many other towns that don't make it onto that list, but that are very much worth the visit anyway.


One of the island's most popular towns, it attracts visitors from all over the world. The reason for this is probably its many attractions including the Culver Pier, the Isle of Wight Zoo and the seafront arcades.

Another reason for its popularity is its many, many facilities. Here in Sandown, you'll find plenty of hotels suiting all budgets as well as a busy high street and as many restaurants, cafes and bars as you can shake a stick at.

Sandown offers the quintessential English beach holiday for many tourists and this is why they (both young and old) return year after year.


Shanklin is right 'next door' to Sandown and whilst Sandown is very much a modern beach town, Shanklin offers a more traditional English beach holiday.

It still offers all the attractions, facilities and amenities that you would expect from a beach resort, but in a much more traditional and (in my opinion) a much less gaudy way than its sister resort.

Shanklin is more about appreciating the area for what it is and has been than creating new and up-to-date attractions. Here you will find the simple pleasures of a crazy golf course, children's play area and picturesque promenade.

Shanklin used to have a pier, but that was unfortunately destroyed in the 'Great Storm of 1987', however its remnants can still be seen just at the edge of the coastline, where it drifted to.


This is a very small town next to Cowes. I'll be honest, there is very little to see and do here, but I couldn't resist adding it to my list solely for the many fond childhood memories I have of Gurnard.

There is a beach of sorts (it's a pebble beach and very small) and there's also a large expanse of grass that is surrounded by little beach huts that are available for long term hire.

There's also a little cafe right down on the front and a nice pub set back from the beach that offers a good menu for fairly reasonable prices and very good views of the Solent.

Gurnard is the home of a sailing school and, as a result, you can spend many an-hour watching the students on their little boats learning to sail.


Is another beach town right at the base of the island and its main feature is its steep roads and rock faces down to the front. The ground here is extremely unstable, resulting in the loss of many buildings to subsidence over the years. This has lead to the locals coining phrase; 'we live near the sea and are getting nearer every day'.

Like most of the Isle of Wight, Ventnor is another picturesque town that is home to one or two quaint attractions including the popular botanical gardens. It also has many other parks and gardens as well as a brewery.

Ventnor is also home to many popular events throughout the year, not least the annual Isle of Wight International Jazz Festival, held in February and attracting many of the genre's top names.

Blackgang Chine

Blackgang Chine is most notably the home of a popular children's amusement park featuring a selection of rides, attractions and heritage attractions.

Unfortuately the ground here is extremely unstable as well, resulting in the vastly and continually changing make-up of the park - many attractions have been lost to subsidence over the years, whilst others are regularly moved to prevent them slipping over the edge.

The park is definitely worth a visit for those with children as it offers fun, frolics and a certain amount of learning and is presented in a unusual and entertaining way. Entry is £9.50 per person or you can get a saver ticket for 4 people for £35. Full details can be found on their website -

So, as you can see there are many attractions and places to visit on the Isle of Wight, making it a fun destination for everybody that will guarantee you many fond memories.

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