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Walks Around Kabak

On the Way to Alinca Photo, Fethiye, Turkey

Kabak is mostly known as a place to stop off along the (which is certainly worth doing!) but it’s also a nice base for several walks, both on and off the Lycian Way. I have placed these walks in order from easiest to hardest – some are just a few minutes, some take all day. Whichever one you choose to take, be sure to take water. You can pick up a 1.5 L bottle for 2 TL at The Olive Garden or Deniz Market.

For the Lycian Way as a whole, please refer to
, although to be honest the route in many cases is not well way-marked and uninteresting (it is more about getting from one place to another than the most scenic route). Maps of more interesting routes will hopefully soon be available at The Olive Garden.

1. The Cave
Walk to the far side of Kabak’s Beach (if you are staying at the top of the valley follow Walk 2 (below) to get there) then walk along the edge of the forest for a nice view of the beach a a sea cave. This takes about half an hour each way.

2. Path from Kabak’s Road to Kabak’s Beach: To take this path (approximately 20 minutes going down, 40 minutes coming up) after leaving the dolmus walk back to Mama’s House (which the dolmus passes on its way in), then turn left and follow an overgrown road to The Olive Garden. Turn right past the toilets and kitchen house and follow the pathway down – from this point it is well marked. This path is nominally part of a branch of the Lycian Way and is of primary interest as a short-cut to Kabak’s beach. However it’s quite enjoyable in its own right in that it lets you see the beach and valley from a variety of angles. Disappointingly, you’ll also see a lot of trash left by the camps in the valley.

3. From Kabak to Faralya on the Lycian Way
To reach this path you’ll need to be at the top of the valley. The entry point (well marked) is on the far side of the road, but to follow the path (a relatively straightforward hour and a half) you should get directions from a proper guidebook. At George House in Faralya (no website), buy a water and ask for the waymarkings on a much more interesting version of the same hike that runs by the water (this may be available at Olive Garden soon). The hike from Kabak to Faralya on the Lycian Way takes no more than a couple of hours, the alternative hike takes two and a half to four and is more challenging.

4. The Waterfall From the beach, follow the rocks past Shanti Camp and then a path through woodland (this is also the path to Alinca (see #5 below), there is a turn off into an old riverbed that leads to a waterfall. This path can be done without guidance, although camp proprietors recommend following someone who knows the way. In addition, the waterfall is no particularly impressive and may be completely dried up (as it was on my visit in October 2009, for which reason I didn’t do this trip.)

5. Kabak to Alinca
This hike is best done from the beach, as that is both quicker and avoids some brutal climbing over the end of the Valley that has no shade (although the views are magnificent) which you encounter if you go from the top of the Valley. Again, proper directions are essential. This walk is extremely challenging and involves climbing in places, and is more often done in reverse (people get transport to Alinca and then hike to Kabak). It’s possible to hike there an back in a single day, although that requires a high level of fitness and flexibility.

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