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Paris City of Light and Light Fingers

Notre Dame Paris France Photo, Paris, France

Without borders the Europe of old is out the door and hale the new Europe with everything tossed in. I first went to Paris over 20 years ago. I love Paris and the Parisians really know how to live but there is a new parasite on the Parisian scene the gypsies, thieves of time and memorial. Keep your dress low key and no visible nice jewellery. Watch out for public holidays in Paris the Gypsies work all the usual tourist haunts and vanish like vapour into a crowd. 1st problem I had was in Notre Dame Cathedral it was a Bank Holiday and decided to walk to the centre of Paris from Monmarte it was an unusually chilly Autumn day so wore a long black cape to hide my bag but really nice red leather gloves. Well Leather can be expensive in Paris. I made my way into the Cathedral and removed my gloves to pray. I put them on the pew and in a church of all places VAMOOSH! gone, disappeared so my hint to travellers is not too wear anything that attracts attention but caps are good for concealing things and making pickpocketer really work to find what you have. Next the ploys of those so wicked... So its a public holiday the voleur thieves have a trick... throw a fake gold ring infront of the unsuspecting tourist. They will offer it to you IT IS A TRICK. they say to you "Cant possibly keep this... please take it..." it is a trick to get you to disclose the where abouts of your purse or wallet they will give you the ring and then expect a reward of 10 euros or more. SO DONT disclose the where abouts of your coins. If you look a little unique then you will be targeted. I have unusual sable colour blonde hair, not platinum or corn gold but silver blonde hair so I am a target in Paris so is red or lighter coloured hair types be wary if you dont look like a local be on guard at every moment. Otherwise you will be not having a good time. It is unfortunate but welcome to the Europe of the 21 st century. Without borders unsavoury types will travel to the hot spots of Europe and lay in wait...

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