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Montreal with Friends, Part 2

Old Building on Rue St. Vincent, Old Montreal Photo, Montreal, Quebec

Friday was another nice day. Cold but not raining. We were waiting for a friend of Graham's to arrive after noon. She was driving over from Quebec City as well! We had some time to kill in the morning so we walked into Old Montreal, admiring some of the lovely old buildings along the way to a small museum just across from City Hall called Chateau Ramezay. It was an old chateau that has been used for many things over the years and is now a little museum that shows artifacts from the history of the city of Montreal. It's not a large museum and you can see it all in an hour or so. We enjoyed looking at all the things they had on display and probably could have spent more time but needed to get back to the hotel. It turned out Karine was a bit later getting downtown because of the traffic but she arrived eventually.

We consulted the concierge who pointed us in a direction of a very nice restaurant on Rue St. Paul. We found it but discovered that there were two afternoons a week where it was only open for lunch and closing at 2. Today was one of them and it was about 2:15 by then! Aggh! We did find a pub almost right across the street and up one floor called Pub St. Paul which, in retrospect, was more what we wanted anyway. Pub food, beer, and the ability to sit there all afternoon if we wanted because nobody was waiting for the table. It was a very enjoyable few hours, too!

About 6 o'clock we all wandered back to the hotel and broke into the bottle of wine, having asked room service to bring up a corkscrew for us! Another couple of hours cheerfully chatting until Karine finally had to leave. She promised not to drive and caught a cab to her father's house. That's a new friend made this year for me (she was an internet buddy of Graham's)! Always a good year if you've made a new friend.

I honestly can't remember now if we ordered room service that night or didn't eat at all. I am pretty sure we didn't go out to eat, though.

Saturday is our last day in Montreal. We checked out of the hotel late morning and my cousin Brian came to pick us up just after noon. We went to his end of the city and met up with his wife and baby (along with his 3 year old that had come with him to get us) and went to lunch at an old neighbourhood pub called, i think, the Old Oak or Orchard on Avenue de Monkland in the Monkland Village part of Montreal. It's really quite nice there and they have a lovely home in a quiet neighbourhood.

We spent the afternoon at their house, chatting and catching up. Brian later took us to the airport where we checked in and waited for our flight home. Another trip under our collective belts! Until next time!....

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