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Discovering the Exotic Spices of Zanzibar

Coconut Palms Photo, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Spice Tour

This was wonderful tour and a great value at 13.00 per person. We were picked up at 9:00AM and an hour later with the bus crammed to capacity we were on our way. There was no AC and we were thankful for windows!!

Our guide was excellent and very knowledgable.
Some of the spices we saw growing at the Spice Farm were
Lemon Grass used for Chai Tea.

The Bixi Plant with red fuzzy flours that produces a die used in Tandori Spice.

Custard Apple which we later sampled and found it to be delicious.

Ginger the wild form as well as cultivated

Dorien is a strange fruit that smells bad but tastes a bit like pineapple and banana.

Vanilla Vine – I was surprised to learn that vanilla is actually a vine in the Orchid Family. No wonder its expensive , it has to be fermented for 4 days.

Coves- these are actually a cash crop that are government controlled and exported.

Green Pepper vine – this was another surprise ,green ,red and black pepper are all the same plant at different stages.
Casova Plant which has roots that are used for chips as well as making Tapioca

Cinnamon Tree – it is the bark that gives us the wonderful cinnamon sticks we know well. It can be harvested every two weeks.

At the end of our farm tour we have a chance to buy some spices and sample some exotic and wonderful fruit.

Mangapwai Beach ( North West of Zanzibar)
Before ending our Spice Tour day trip we are taken to the beach . WE walk down steep steps to get to the beach. The water is clear and warm and the beach is actually an old coral shelf. Before heading to the beach we there was aoption to visit some slave caves . We declined ,however. The beach stop was a hour . We didn’t know it was on the tour so didn’t have our swim suits.
A typical local lunch was served at the farm . We sat around on a plastic mat and enjoyed a pretty good lunch of spicy rice,curry and flatbread.

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