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Good Deed Ends in Disaster. Lost Forever in the USA!

My daughter and friends took a white water trip through the blue ridge mountains of Vaginia. We had been looking forward to it for some time.
During the briefing session the guy accompanying us in our canoe gave us a safety briefing and issued us with mae west life vests and we set off to enter the river.

A very rude man with a small child in tow pushed his way in front of us to get to the river with his canoe and off he went.

We got our canoe into the river and slowly paddled in the calm waters. We could see up ahead the beginnings of the rapids. The speed of the canoe got faster and faster and before we knew it were were hurtiling through the rapids beings splashed and thrown about in our canoe.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of something near some rocks. It was the man and his daughter holding on for dear life. I shouted out to all of us man over board. We turned the canoe around and started to paddle like mad and make our way up to the rocks to rescue them. It was absolutely hilarious because it reminded me of something out of Hawaii 5 O where they are paddling like crazy but we were getting no where fast.

I was at the front of the boat and managed to haul the little girl into the boat. Trying to haul the man in proved much more difficult and one of the others threw down his paddle to help me. The man who was a doctor thanked us for saving them.

The guide on the boat started to get the heebee geebees and said that the boat was not insured and they should not be in the boat. I told him not to be so bloody daft or is he suggesting I throw them back out again.

We rode down the river for a while where another group had rescued the mans canoe and we dropped him and his grand daughter off at this landing stage before heading off down river again.

We stopped for lunch and all of a sudden I realised I had lost my wedding ring. I was very upset about it as it had several rings in it. My mothers my grand mothers an aunts and my own. It was thick and chunky.

My friends were saying dont worry just buy another one and since that day I have not worn a wedding ring as it was irreplaceable due to the sentiments of the ring. I will never replace it as it was irreplaceable.

My hands had shrunk in the icy cold water and the ring had slipped off my finger whilst helping those people lost for ever to the river bed somewhere in the mountains of Tennessee.

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