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10 Places To Visit In Downtown Houston

Walking trails on Buffalo Bayou Photo, Houston, Texas

I wanted to share my list of the 10 places to visit in downtown Houston. This should save visitors to the city a lot of time. Because it could take you a lifetime to experience all that there is to see and do in the Houston metropolitan area.

There's plenty of fun things to do whether your a senior, a tot,a loner or chatty. What's really good is that just about any weekday is a good day to checkout the fantastic downtown skyline. Unlike the suburbs surrounding the city, you can get from place to place in downtown Houston relatively easy.

1. Sam Houston Park.

If I only had time to see one place this would be my choice. The park features architectural samplings of the homes in Houston's past.

You can tour the houses and get a good idea of the daily life of the families from the various communities. What makes the displays special aside from the fabulous antique contents and furnishing, are that the homes belonged to prominent members of the community.

A doctor and businessmen and a African American preacher's houses and a few others are in the park. It gives you a real sense of the city's' rich cultural history.

2. Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou is full of walking, jogging and riding trails. What makes its trails so different from your everyday walking trail is the scenic beauty you encounter as it follows the winding path of the bayou. You get to see the city from a different point of view, as you follow the trails.

An added feature is catching quick glimpses of the creatures who live in and around the waters edge. There are plenty of turtles and birds darting back and forth and occasional alligator sightings.

3. Bayou Place

Downtown Houston's Theater District is another action packed place to visit. Where fun and excitement are under one roof at fabulous venues like Houston's Hard Rock Cafe, the Angelika Film Center and a host of other shops and restaurants where you can get your eat on.

Here are some other places that make up the remainder of my list that you'll enjoy.

4. The sidewalk cafe in front of the Main St fountain.
5. Fonde Recreation Center
6. Minute Maid Park
7. Discovery Green
8. Julia Idelson Library
9. Toyota Center
10. JPMorgan Chase Tower Observation Deck

You'll find out there's really no limit to the amount of entertainment and diversions available in downtown Houston. I wouldn't get hung up trying to plan every little detail of my visit there. Just go freestyle and try to max out the fun quotient wherever you visit in the city.

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