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Cave Run Lake and Vicinity

Mushroom Photo, Morehead, Kentucky

An attraction in the area that is not known to many outside of the region is Cave Run Lake. Situated in the Daniel Boone National Forest, it is a clear water recreation spot to many of the local people and visitors from around the state. It is a great place to visit and a good spot for family vacations, reunions, and camping retreats. Many outdoor activities from golfing, horseback riding, fishing, hunting, and boating are available.
There are many routes that lead to the lake and after stopping at the local Rite Aide in town, we were given directions from the young woman behind the check out counter. We headed down US 60 until we came to a four way stop in Farmer’s, KY. There we took a left and followed the signs. Time of the trip was about 30 minutes and if I had my way, it would have taken us longer because there were so many photo ops along the way. Next trip here, I plan on spending more time visiting the many spots of interest along US 60.
Our 1st stop was the Ranger/Visitor station situated right above the lake. There is an ample parking lot there and a short walk leads to the center. They were closed and we spent time walking around, photographing the wild mushrooms there and walking on a portion of the hiking trail which overlooked the lake. There were sailboats on the lake, the water and sky were both an inviting blue and we decided to drive down closer to the water.
Once in our car we went to Rt. 826 which went over the dam. From the road the view on the dam across the lake was beautiful and the leaves were not yet changing, but in a few weeks when the color was present, it would be spectacular. Located just on the other side of the dam was a fish hatchery and that made me feel good. The state of Kentucky does spend a good amount of money on raising and releasing fish into the fresh waters around the commonwealth and Kentucky sportsmen should be proud.
On the other side of the dam, we drove down to the lake and got some photos from a different view point. Here there were horseback riders unloading there horses and preparing to explore and enjoy the region on horses.
We drove further on Rt. 826 until we came to a bend in the road with a pull off. We had to stop because this was a photo moment that I could not pass up. Situated behind a barbed wire fence with signs of No Trespassing posted, was an old farm house, which now was in a run down state and appeared haunted. I took photos and Frank pointed out that there were buzzards flying in circles over our heads. They were gradually coming down closer to us and after taking some photos of them we were back in the car and on our way.
Situated on the lake in various spots are marinas and boats are kept there for a fee. Boats are also available for rental and range from power boats to sailboats and on down even further to paddle boats and canoes. We didn’t have the time to spend boating and with Frank’s experience of boating on the Ohio River, we’d like to come back and enjoy the lake and the region on the water.
The marina has a well stocked general store and a small restaurant. We were able to walk around and look at the goods being sold and it appeared everything that a boater would ever want or need was to be found in the store. The dock and the marina are well constructed and open for visitors to walk on and to look at all the amazing boats that are kept there. Once again, the sights were spectacular from the dock looking back at the shoreline and out onto the water. Many photos were taken here.
We couldn’t spend much time here because our plans were to have lunch with Andrew before he had practice and we had to leave for Louisville. Thank goodness for cell phones, and coverage is totally accessible out on the lake, and we saved time by using our cell phone to set up a lunch meeting with Andrew at BW3’s.
Over a good meal we talked about the fun two days we had in Morehead, KY and watched pro-football on the big screen tv’s. the drive back to Louisville was an easy on and the weekend was just what we needed and we didn’t have to travel far to find it.

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