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Bonjour Paris! The First Couple Days

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

Ooolalala am finally in Paris! The city of glamor, romance and fabulous haute couture! Get picked up in an airport shuttle and after about an hour and a half, I get to the apartment. It is such a cute little studio with everything painted in white with guidebooks about Paris and with a binder filled with places to go and navigating the neighborhood. There is a fridge, washer, dryer, wifi, and everything I need to feel like I am living like a regular Parisian. I am lucky to be staying in such a lovely upmarket neighorhood in Saint Germain and at my doorstep, is a bakery, fish market, pharmacy and a stroll to Le Bon Marche-the most glorious supermarket in all of Paris!

The next few days, i finally give up trying to figure out my maps and start roaming around the neighborhood the best way I know how to get oriented in a new place be it San Francisco, Bali, LA, Barcelona or Paris-by getting lost. I walk and walk and marvel at all the lovely rows and rows of the most delightful patiserries(pastry shops), boulangeries(bread shops), fromageries(cheese shops), specialty chocolate there any place in the world with so many specialty shops dedicating to a type of food each? I love it!

When Edar arrives, the first day, we celebrate with a happy yellow frosted cupcake to kick off our adventure-we're finally here! Then we find the nearest cafe in the highly overpriced but o-so-hip San Germain district and spend almost USD 30 just having a classic Croquette Monsieur (toast with melted cheese slathered on the top), cafe cremes(lattes) and a fruit salad. We end the day with crepes from the neighoborhood crepe stand, again filled with tons of cheese and meat......remind me again, how do French people stay slim??

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