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Getting to Iceland and Finding B&B Keflavik Airport

Sofia sleeping on MAN-KEF flight Photo, Iceland, Europe

Tom, Sofia and I left our house for the 100 mile drive to Manchester Airport where we would be departing on Icelandair for the Keflavik Airport outside of Reykjavik. Everything went smoothly with check-in. Normally Sofia gets her own seat but this time she was to sit on our laps to save some cash. Because there was one empty seat left on the plane when we got to the airport they kindly gave it to Sofia. I was ever so grateful considering she prefers a "big-girl"seat and can be quite a bear about having to sit with us. The flight was a breeze, only 2.5 hours and we landed in Iceland. Sofia managed to fall asleep and sleep through much of the flight. It was great that she slept, but on arrival at our hotel she wasn’t exactly eager to sleep.

It was the usual once we landed with deplaning, immigration and so on. Once that was done it was on to baggage claim where we had to pick up two suitcases, the pushchair and Sofia’s car seat. I located the pushchair and settled Sofia whilst Tom waited for the bags and off we went. Next up was the queue for our car rental. After much debate over the cost of a smaller car versus a four-wheel drive when making our reservation, we went with the smaller car because it was nearly half the cost. The interior roads would be closed in May and much of the roads would be paved. As we are standing there waiting it hits me—the car seat. I never picked it up. Panic! I took Sofia and ran back to the customs doors we came through earlier that say "Do Not Enter". I waited for a passenger to come through and we snuck through the doors and I sheepishly found someone to help. Sure enough, there it was sitting there. By the time I got the car seat and got back to Tom he was talking with the car rental agent and getting things sorted. Due to the lack of cars that night they would have to give us a four-wheel drive for the price of the small car. We didn’t know it at the time, but having this vehicle enhanced our holiday greatly by allowing us to drive places a small car couldn’t have handled. Tom took the keys and located the car. He drove it up to the terminal and picked us up. Thus starts our Icelandic holiday.

It was a big decision when we were making plans concerning which direction we would go around and whether or not we see Reykjavik at the beginning or at the end. In the end we decided to save Reykjavik to the end and to go clockwise around the island. Since we planned to see Reykjavik at the end we stayed at an airport B&B rather than going into the city the first night. Tom chose B&B Keflavik Airport. We didn’t have directions to the hotel, even after requesting them. How hard can it be to find?

Tom drove on some roads around the airport thinking we would see a sign. I mean, if you are an airport hotel you put up a sign, right? We did see a few other B&Bs so we thought we would happen upon it. The directions stated building 761, Keflavik. So, we start heading towards Keflavik and see an information sign with B&B Keflavik listed on it. Thank Goodness. After some meandering through streets we come upon a dark and scary looking house with B&B Keflavik posters in the window. There is no clear entrance. There don’t seem to be any lights on. It is late, after 1am, should we call? We traipsed around to the back door where there was a light on. Why not? I knocked. After a few seconds an attractive, half-nude man comes to the door trying to cover himself with a towel. He also had a toothpick in his mouth. Clearly we were in the wrong place. Apparently he works for the place but the B&B moved. Hmm, why the signs in the window then? Anyway, he told us in broken English to call the B&B to sort it out. Tom rang the B&B and a woman met us there in minutes so we could follow her to the proper place which was nowhere near where we were. (On a side note, as I was researching to write this entry, I found this location listed with rooms now. Interesting.)

Lesson learned. Make sure you know where you are going or call when you are lost. The B&B staff actually meets you at the airport and you can follow them or they transport you. This is not clear when you book the room so take my word for it.

Once we were arrived everything went quite smoothly. We got a half-decent night’s sleep due to it being quite late already. A long drive the next day forced us to be up at a decent hour.

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