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Lake Manyara, Ostrich and Giraffe

Baobab Tree Tanzanai Photo, Tanzania, Africa

Our drive takes us to the Rift Valley. Here we look down over Lake Manyara. Lake Manyara is a very shallow lake and we see it during a period of drought it is even more shallow and the shores are white and dried up. Said by Enest Hemingway to be one of the loveliest lakes in Africa , it is also the home of a diverse set of landscapes and wildlife. It is here we see our first baobab tree. This is a beautiful but strange tree that can grow up to 25 meters tall and can live for several thousand years. The Arabian legend of the baobab is that "the devil plucked up the baobab, thrust its branches into the earth and left its roots in the air". This is actually a good description of the tree but a picture describes it best.
We’re thrilled to spot our first Ostrich. They are huge!! In fact they are the world’s largest bird reaching as tall as 9 feet and 350 pounds. Although they can’t fly they can sprint over 40 miles an hour.
What was a flat grassy plain is now showing short shrubby growth of Acacia Trees. We soon learn these are a favorite food of the giraffe and we spend some time taking multiple pictures of a group of 6 or so Giraffe enjoying their meal.

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