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Not All Errors Are Inconvenient

York Photo, York, England

England is not known for its great weather, but one day while we were on our trip to York the heavens decided to open.

On this particular day we'd been around York Minster, had a short walk around York town centre, and a lovely horse-drawn carriage rides around the centre, and we decided to eat out at Pizza Hut.

So there we were in Pizza Hut, we had ordered our meal and were sitting by the window watching the world go by. Gradually the skies became darker and darker and all of a sudden the rain came pouring down, within minutes the roads were flooded, people were racing to get back to their cars (it just happens to be just after 5pm so people were on their way home from work), and the people in the bus stop looked like drowned rats within seconds.

I was sat there thinking I hope that they take their time in our pizza because I don't want to go out in that, and luckily this seemed to be the case. Approximately 20 to 25 minutes after we have placed our order one of the waitresses came to our table to ask if we had received any food. Obviously we haven't so she went off to find out what had happened. She came back very apologetic, and said that somebody had ordered the identical meal to us, and they had accidentally been given our meal, she said our meal would be with us within about 10 minutes. She also said that she would ask the manager if she could knock something of our meal.

Sure enough our meal arrived within the next few minutes, a meal which we thoroughly enjoyed it and was well worth the wait.

After we'd finished our meal the manager came over and again was very apologetic, she insisted that this sort of thing didn't happen very often and as compensation she would knock 50% of our meal. This was far more than I'd imagined, I thought at the most she might knock off a couple of pound.

By the time we finished our meal the rain had eased up outside, so not only did we get our meal for half-price, we managed to stay dry in the process.

So a good time was had by all.

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