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Trendy Santiago

Barrio Paris Londres Photo, Santiago, Chile

The Central Market in Santiago was fun. The taxi driver dropped us off at the touristy end of the market; we then crossed the bridge and went to the section for locals. The place seemed to be a pick pockets’ haven since we were warned by both our inn keeper and the police patrolling the market. There were blocks after blocks of vendors, the deeper we went, the cheaper the price, and more serious the shoppers. We bought several kilos (they only sell by kilo) worth of strawberries, peaches, apples, cherries, banana, oranges... That’s what we ate for lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

Museo Chileno de Arts Precolombino is a world class museum. The collections were well organized and presented even for someone, like us who were clueless in Pre-Colombian Art. Across the bridge in the Barrio Bellavista neighborhood, there were art galleries to browse thru for the entire afternoon and many trendy restaurants to choose from for dinner.

While in Santiago, we stayed in the atmospheric Barrio Paris Londres district. It is not far from anything and has many choices of hotels and restaurants. It felt particularly romantic in the evening with its antique street light and old buildings.

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