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Windy Puerto Natales

Colorful Soup at El Living Vegetarian Restaurant Photo, Puerto Natales, Chile

After trekking in Torres del Paine, we took the bus to Puerto Natales to return our rental gears and refill our stomachs with king crabs. We booked ahead of time at Hotel Laguna Azul which is at the edge of downtown nearby the bus stop. Fortunately, Puerto Natales is a town small enough to practically walk everywhere. By the way, there were plenty of vacancies in the center of town in late January.

We enjoyed walking along the waterfront with its peaceful view of sunset, mountains and swans. We supposed that tourism was winding down in late January, the gift shops were empty but interesting enough to keep us entertained for a day or two. And the locals had this fabulous idea of turning trash cans into metal sculptures (see photos).

There are many restaurants in town severing up fresh and simple food. We even found a funky vegetarian restaurant called El Living on the eastside of Plaza de Armas. It’s like a cross between a restaurant and a café. La Ultima Esperanza is a good quality seafood restaurant, though lacking a view like some of their competitors along the waterfront. But we preferred it here.

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