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Town Building on Nan Dajie in Pingyao Photo, Pingyao, China

Pingyao in Shanxi Province got to be the best preserved walled city in China. Many tours take day trippers here from Datong. Our recommendation is to spend at least one night inside the walled city a hotel converted from old Chinese mansions built in Ming or Ching Dynasty. We spent two nights here and felt that we had been living in an old Chinese kung fu movie set, just that the city was real and the locals were friendly.

Upon entering the city gate, touts tries to sell you all kinds of tickets and guided tour, a lot of them are ripe offs. In our recent trip, the government bundled a dozen significant historical sites/mansions into one ticket price. If you want to see most or all of the sites, it was a good idea. However, we did not purchase the ticket. We were all mansion out and want to just soak in the old time atmosphere.

Nan Dajia is the main drag of the city lined with shops and hotels. Wandering the back streets were plenty of fun, especially in the morning when the locals were up and about with their daily business. For a couple of times, we wandered into someone's backyards by mistake and we were greeted by friendly smiles. Of course, we were apologistic and respectful. It was interesting to see life more or less unchanges for a hundred year in such a fast changing China.

We have also written a couple of reviews on the hotels and restaurants we have tried in our reviews section.

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