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East Neuk of Fife

Anstruther fish bar Photo, Fife, Scotland

East Neuk (ie East Nook, or the East Corner) is a term usually used to describe the stretch of land - mostly coastal, and traditionally populated by fishing villages stretching from Elie through St Monans, Pittenweem, Anstruther with Cellardyke and finally Crail.

The attraction of this imprecisely defined area is a stretch of coast, dominated by fishing villages and now largely devoted the tourist industry. There is still quite a bit of fishing operating from Pittenweem, but for tourists perhaps the most attractive and interesting is the biggest here village of Anstruther, with a fascinating interesting Scottish Fisheries Museum and a very lovely harbour indeed. Trips to the Isle of May operate from Anstruther harbour in the summer.

If you need a bite to eat, the award winning (and really rather good) Anstruther Fish Bar is a legndarily good place for a fish supper (=fish and chips). Wee Chippy is a good alternative with less queues.

Nearby Cellardyke is also a picturesque old fishing port, with an attractive harbour and much quieter than Anstruther which can get rather busy in the summer.

One of the hidden gems (or follies, as it might be) of East Neuk is located about three miles north of Anstruther: Troy Wood houses what is known as Scotland's Secret Bunker, a huge complex hidden under an innocuously looking cottage. It's a poignant and thought-provoking reminder of the Cold War and stayed secret until 1993. It would would have served as the seat of the country's government in case of a nuclear war.

Kelie Castle is an excellent historical monument nearby.

Crail is the last of the East Neuk villages, sitting at the end of the stretch of coast along the Firth of Forth, and a particularly historical one, with another picturesque harbour and many a historical building.

Fife Coastal Path runs the course of the East Neuk (starting before the East Neuk in the industrial towns of south-west Fife and continuing round the corner towards Kingsbarns and St Andrews).

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