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Rivers and Rocks

Yulong Bridge Photo, Yangshuo, China

We came to Yangshuo because of the Li River but we found that the nearby Yulong River and its surrounding villages a lot more fun. Our river rafting started at Yulong Bridge. From the main street in Yangshuo, we took a public bus to who knows where (the locals told us to get on it), and asked the driver to let us out near Yulong Bridge. Then a three wheeler took us on a dirt road through the village to reach the bridge.

At the bridge, we hired a bamboo raft with two locals to paddles us back to Yangshuo (almost). The trip took four hours and costed RMB 150 yuan. It's worth every penny. We just relaxed on the raft while the local guys did all the work. It was very peaceful and relaxing. Only a few tourists ventured this far on the Yulong River. It's so quiet that you could hear the river flowed and the birds sang.

Ocassionally, a vendor selling drinks and snacks would flow by. It was perfect for us since we didn't pack any lunch. Of course you could also pull over to eat at a river front farm house/restaurant.
We only saw a few people walked or biked along the river.

For four hours, the beautiful hills and rocks flowed by us as if in slow motion. We got out of the raft just before the river turned right towards Moon Hill and we thanked our two guides with a big tip since they did a wonderful job. I'm sure for a small additonal fee, the guys will be more than happy to paddle us over to Moon Hill and back.

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