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Walking around San Martin de los Andes

SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES, THE PORT Photo, Argentina, South America

Going to San Martin de los Andes you face a difficult choice: Or you go in summer when the sky is blue and the water in the lakes is navy blue or emerald green, or you go in winter, when it will be snowing but when you will see very little sunshine. Both alternatives are beautiful, but your choice depends on what you prefer.

The week I was there last week it was snowing in the mountain, but many times drizzling in the city. The rainfall was minimal, so I went out to take photos and took many beautiful ones, but that reduced my walking time in this beautiful alpine style village.

The high class people come here, it is more expensive than Bariloche, but there are some local tours you will never have the chance to take if you do not stay some nights over here.

The port area is beautiful; the Mirador Arrayan viewpoint is some 4 miles away. A taxi will take you there for some 6 dollars each way, or you can go walking. San Martin de los Andes is very safe, provided you do not brag about who you are and how much you have. Just keep a low profile and you will have no problems. Nobody will steal you at gun point, but dont leave your camcorder or photo camera unattended because there could be a minimal risk that you will not find it.

Since a photo speaks more than a thousand words, and since I took hundreds of photos during my 5 day stay, I prefer to let the photos speak for themselves. Just relax and enjoy.

Robert Raymond Ingledew

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