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Rome at Night

Old Meets New Photo, Rome, Italy

Rome at Night

The magic of nightfall seems to awaken Rome, transforming the city. The tour busses and the heat of the June sun give way to conversations filled with laughter and the sound of music emitting from nearby restaurants. Even the sculptures and ruins appear to come alive as many are illuminated by floodlights offering those with a camera a unique photo opportunity.

I would recommend taking an evening stroll to see the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. They are both truly magical at night. As we walked by the Forum, we were surprised to see a play being performed on the Forum site. Although we were unable to understand the actors were saying, we enjoyed watching it for several minutes from the sidewalk above. It was interesting to imagine that this is how theatre was performed so many years ago.

Even the maze of alleyways that were quiet during the day now had tables pulled outside giving visibility to cafes and restaurants that were hidden when we passed by them earlier in the afternoon.

If you truly want to experience and see Rome, I would recommend that you set aside an evening to see it at night. The warmth of the city and its many sights will whisk you away as you fall in love with this incredible city.

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