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Where to stay at Iguazu Falls (Argentina and Brazil)

HOTEL LIBERTADOR IGUAZU Photo, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

I have never stayed on the Brazilian side since Puerto Iguazu is smaller, it is easier to get around and, being a far smaller city, it is safer. However, I know for certain that the best hotel on the Brazilian side is the five star Hotel Tropical Das Cataratas, that faces the falls in all their beauty.

On the Argentine side, the Sheraton Iguazu is the only hotel that is inside the National Park, and it also faces the Iguazu Falls. However, if you want to have a good panoramic view you should book a room on the upper floors, since the jungle could hinder a panoramic view of the falls. I understand that the rooms facing the falls are more expensive than those facing the jungle.

Puerto Iguazu is 22 kilometers, or 14 miles away from the falls, but still surrounded by the jungle. There is a regular bus service from Puerto Iguazu to the falls that runs every half hour, and that costs about one US dollar each way. And there are tours from Puerto Iguazu to the Brazilian side of the falls just accross the road from the Hotel Libertador (Iguata) at a cost of some twelve US dollars. In both National Parks, the admission fee is some twenty dollars. I do not remember well, because I am an Argentine citizen and we have lower rates both in Brazil and in Argentina.

There are many hotel options in Puerto Iguazu, but I will mention four or five for different budgets.

HOTEL CATARATAS, 5 stars, it is quite similar to a Holiday Inn, has a nice swimming pool, a fitness center (not included in the room rate), and comfortable rooms from where you can see the jungle. It has the best restaurant in town, in my opinion. Their buffet meal is delicious. Three years ago the rate for international tourists was 120 US Dollars per person, including breakfast and one meal.

HOTEL LIBERTADOR IGUAZU, 3 stars, a beautiful swimming pool and a very economic restaurant. Very comfortable airconditioned rooms with cable TV, continental breakfast included (croisants and coffee plus some other items in thei basic buffet). Just now they are charging 90 dollars for double occupancy (high season), but by September the price should drop to some 60 dollars for double occupancy. It has one of the best swimming pools in town.
I stayed there twice, in my opinion it is the best price value in Iguazu. Internet accross the road from the hotel costs one US Dollar the hour. You also have internet at the Falls, but it is four to six times more expensive. However, they charge by the minute, so if you can check your Email box in five minutes it should be no problem.

HOTEL LATINO, 2 stars, nice rooms, a good swimming pool with no shade, and a poor restaurante. The advantage is that you can bargain the rate at the front desk with the owner. The rooms are very nice, but the appearance of the building seems an apartment building. I stayed there once.

HOTEL PARANA, 2 stars (I would give it one star), airconditioned room with cable TV, but beds are not very comfortable, and the swimming pool is small and most of the day in the shade. I stayed there a couple of times.

HOTEL SAN FERNANDO, 1 star, convniently located in front of the bus station (buses to the Argentina falls and to Brazil and Paraguay). Seven months ago I paid 17 dollars for a single room with a ceiling fan. The room was clean but small, had no TV, and the restroom was small, this rate included continental brekfast. The rooms are small but in very good condition. Only a small closet for keeping your clothes. They have a small swimming pool in construction.

Hope this gives you some ideas about options at Puerto Iguazu.

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Welcome to Iguazu, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Robert Raymond Ingledew

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