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Idling Away the Hours on Baby Beach

Baby Beach Seagulls Photo, Aruba, Caribbean

Baby Beach is located on the south eastern tip of Aruba by Seroe Colorado, and for good reason it is one of the local favorites. The beach has a breakwater surrounding the southern and eastern sides to break up the surf and as a result, this beach is calm and maybe up to six feet deep in the deepest spots. It looks like a HUGE beach pool and you can walk hundreds of yards into it without getting over your head. It is fantastic! The beach sand is powder white and the water is aqua blue. Gorgeous!

We make the road trip to Baby Beach from the western resort area a couple of days each time we visit because this beach is so inviting and relaxing. There are palapas along the beach that you can use, two snack bar / grills (including a new one called Big Mama's), and rental loungers are available as well. We recommend renting the loungers and sitting them in or near the water while you relax away your tensions.

We also really enjoy people watching on this beach because of the rich diversity of the people, extended Dutch / Aruban families, tourists from all over the world, even dogs. On one of the days we went to Baby Beach there was a school retreat at the beach with all the local children dressed in their uniforms playing on the beach and having a ball. It was quite a sight! We even met a young Dutch couple on their Honeymoon and enjoyed a nice conversation about home in Amsterdam, their future plans, and their desire to see California. We exchanged e-mail addresses, and who knows? Maybe we'll see them again in the near future if they come to California or we go to Amsterdam!

Snorkeling is one of the big draws at Baby Beach, but for my time money it is just floating around in the water being caressed and slowly swayed around by the light current. The days are warm, the beach sand in white powder, the water is aqua blue and cool, and the the place is big enough that you can wade out and be by yourself. What can be better than that?

To get there from the resort area we recommend renting a car and taking Highway 4, passing through Paradera. When you reach Highway 1, turn left and pass through Savaneta and St. Nicolas, past the Valero Refinery until you reach Seroe Colorado (signage is limited, but if you follow the your nose you'll find it). Follow the road through the little town and turn left past Roger's Beach until you reach the parking area. There is now a Baby Beach sign at the beach - so you'll know when you get there!

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