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Diani Rules!

Diani Rules Photo, Mombasa, Kenya

If you are planning to be on the Kenyan Coast during the rainy season (May-July), make sure you head to Diani Beach for the annual Diani Rules competition. Originally created to keep the 'coasties' entertained during the wet season, this competition is now an annual event that raises money for Kwale District Eye Centre. People from all over Kenya (and other countries around the world) come for the weekend event, which is held at various hotels on Diani beach, and gather in their respective teams. Teams are sponsored by different organizations and companies, all in aid of raising money. Although the reason for the event is for a serious cause, the teams let loose and go wild for a non stop weekend of drinking (mainly Tusker- also in aid of charity!) and all night partying! Many of the games played are very drunken events, but all in good humour! Make your way down in June 2010 for a weekend of drinking, laughing and playing your best to help raise money for the Kwale District Eye Centre!

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