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Moved Here Years Ago

cottage Photo, Mombasa, Kenya

In 1999 or there about my wife and I took a vacation here. splendid weather all year round. being English, getting away from all the pissing rain was great. anyway we decided to move down here in 2002, i didn't like the idea at first though. I mean what would we do for work? What about the cultural differences? survival!
You get out the plane...Mombasa is a dirty town you've been warned, with garbage thrown everywhere and little regard or resolve by the council to keeping the city clean. This is a far cry from Nairobi which changed its outlook and is absolutely stunning! wish these guys would do the same here. Also i used to be a terrible fast food junkie, but as it just so happens coast people are not huge fans of all that processed food. Its rare. But you won't be disappointed, i came to love locally cooked food, even my wife has the hang of it these days. delicious "Biriani" and "Pilau" which a local Swahili cuisines. As a traveler you'd probably not know the spices i would tell you so I'll just say the only thing you'll recognize is the rice. Go on treat your watering taste buds to a plate. its available in most restaurants scattered across the city. You'd be lucky to find it at the hotels though though some do make it. Ah yes the hotels i almost forgot, the hotels are generally great they tend to provide everything you could need so you don't venture (well too far) out of the premises. I think thats wrong, because you should experience the entire coast like we did. don't be cowed into not leaving the comfort of your hotel to sight see. But you can always rent out a cottage or an apartment at relatively cheap cost by European standards. I mean c'mon where could you rent a 2 bedroom serviced apartment for 200 euros per month in england? Nope not even in university halls am sure. As it just so happens though most of the hotels in the north coast are not 5 stars. hell i wouldn't even call them 4 stars. you may find 1 or 2 like whitesands (5*) massive compound loads to do but still i felt locked up, go to south coast (ukunda, diani) and you'll find all the best hotels. Now this is where you really want to spend your vacation and have some adventure. Theres a reserve for animals just before you reach Ukunda, its up in the hills so you get a chance to view all the rolling plains in awe, and see some big game. a car load should cost you about 20 euros. Don't want a car? Fine use quad bikes available for hire with a tour guide and hed up to shimba hills, great fun. Or at least am sure it is, at my age I'd probably break my hip. I think the place is called diani quads or something like that. Then lets not forget the kite surfing available on the purest sand you will ever see at diani. i like watching them polish tourist girls dancing in the skies while I have my Sunday scotch and sun downers. Reminds me of the days when i was still a stud chasing after little girls with way too much testosterone. Anyway it's hard to describe what has now become my home, but i will say this mombasa is definately a place worth visiting.

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