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Buena Vista: The Havana Lounge Live in Taipei

National Music Hall Photo, Taipei, Taiwan

I watched the DVD "Buena Vista Social Club" when in university, and I loved the song "Chan Chan".

When I heard Buena Vista The Havana Lounge was coming to Taiwan, I went to buy the tickets right off the bat.

Then, finally the night came as we rushed to National Music Hall with Cigdem and Earl.

The performance was extraordinary and excellent as it was my first time to watch Cuban music live.
I love the whole show except for the sound system. It wasn't very good as for most of the time the instrument was louder than the vocals.
I could hardly hear what they were singing.

But Teresa Garcia Caturla indeed impress me as she danced, sang and played games with the audience throughout the show!
She was so energetic.

At the end of the show, when we walked out of the hall, we saw people crowded with Julio Alberto Fernandez, taking photos! We also tried to squeeze in and to take a photo with this well-known Cuban icon. Unfortunately, before we could reach by his side, he was led by the agent, saying that Mr. Julio had to go for now.

What a pity. But at least I did have his close-up photos, with others.

Vocal: Julio Alberto Fernandez, Teresa Garcia Caturla; Maria Viktoria Rodriguez;
Timba: Julienne Oviedo Sanchez;
Trumpet: Yanko Pizaco, Daniel "El Gordo" de Jesus Ramos Alyao;
Piano: Rodolfo "Peruchin" Argudin Justiz;
Guitar: Bruno Rogelio Napoles Col Lazo;
Tres: Ivan Pastrana Palacions;
Bass: Adalberto "Candelita" Avila Martinez;
Conga and Bata: Pascual Oderqui Reve Calderi
Bongo & Percussion: Johannes Bonat Garcia

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